Friday, March 20, 2015

How To Throw a Backyard Carnival

No matter your age, everyone likes a good carnival. And while it might be expensive to take you child and a bunch of their friends to the fair, you can have the same experience at home for a fraction of the cost. Try throwing your own carnival at your child’s next birthday party. You really only need a few things!
  • Food and Snacks: Every good carnival has food, snacks, and beverages. From Corn Dogs and funnel cakes, to popcorn and Chex mix, you can make it as fancy or as simple as you like. Sam’s Club is a great place to shop for bulk items, ensuring you’ll have enough food and drink to go around without breaking the bank. 
  • Games: Whether it’s pin the tail on the donkey, ring around the bottle, or water balloon dodgeball, you don’t have to break the bank to have fun at your backyard carnival. Be resourceful. Check out these DIY Party Games to get some inspiration. 
  • Prizes: With a little planning, you can purchase some pretty nifty party favors for cheap. Try Oriental Trading Company . Stores like the Dollar Tree or Walmart have party favor sections with some fun novelty items that can work as game prizes. 
  • Rides: When we say rides, no we are not delusional. We know you can’t just go out and rent a tilt-a-whirl and plop it in your backyard. But you can rent a bounce house for a surprisingly reasonable price. If you live on a farm, wagon rides are a lot of fun also. All it takes is a little creativity.

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